South African Wine Logistics & Industry Guide

Wine is big business in South Africa and excellent logistics is therefore not an option. Tourists visit wine shops, wine farms and cellars and taste the wine; if they like it and they want to buy in bulk or if they cannot take it on a plane with them, then it has to be send to them. It might also be that the specific wine is not bottled yet and will be freighted to the customer when it is ready. In the Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and surrounding areas there are a lot of vineyards and over weekends and holidays a large number of people visit the tasting rooms to try the wine and make purchases, and not everyone can take the buy home in a carry bag.

Wine sellers offer their customers a variety of options to have their purchases delivered. That could be anywhere; from deliveries locally in South Africa, or overseas to a large number of destinations. They can arrange delivery of smaller parcels by air or land, or ship pallet loads of wine to different ports. The deliveries are done by third parties and it makes sense for sellers to have a good relationship with them. Good logistics means that sellers can arrange for delivery both globally and nationally, and in doing so, they are cementing the relationship that they have with their buyers, clients and customers by looking after their needs.

It is possible to track parcels on a daily basis. Clients are advised of flight details and the expected arrival of their purchase. Good logistics does however mean nothing unless the parcels arrive in good order at their destination. The packaging is therefore of the utmost importance. Wine destined for the overseas market is packed in polystyrene, which is custom made for this product and breakages are minimized. Bigger bottles such as the 1.5L Magnum bottles and the 27L Primat size (wine bottled sizes) have their polystyrene packing making sure they are safe.

Wine can reach any destination in South Africa, you only have to ask the seller and he will go out of his way to make sure that it happens. Another way to transport wine is by way of airfreight, in this way parcel are delivered from door to airport or from door-to-door. So, there is no way not to have your favourite wine delivered as it is entirely possible. Apart from the smaller customer and the overseas market, wine samples can be delivered to wine trade it they so wish.

Larger quantities of wine which is intended for the international market are shipped in pallets; wine pallets are also used locally to supply large quantities of wine to major customers in South Africa. Ultra large quantities of wine for the overseas market are packed in and transported in containers when they are delivered to sea ports. So, whether you are a small player in the wine market or one who orders in bulk and in large numbers, there is every reason why your wine should be able to be transported to your door, nearest airport or sea port.