South African Bulk Wine Export and Industry Guide

Bulk wines are shipped in volumes as requested and that can be anything from approximately 5000L to around 500000L, all in all a lot of wine. The reason for shipping in bulk is of course the cost factor and it is also a means of transporting large volumes without having to bottle it first. And it is done with the overseas market in mind. Even though these large volumes are moved, high standards are still maintained. The wine business in South Africa is well regulated and strict quality control is exercised, this means the product arrives in the same excellent condition at its destination as if it were to be bottled.

Export control requires a set of quality control measures of its own; to this end the wine is tasted and tests are conducted in the laboratory before it is cleared for export. International clients can however require additional certificates and it is in the best interest of the farmer or co-operative who want to send wine overseas, to find out what these are. So, take note of the fact that ISO, HACCP, BCR and Fair-Trade certification might have to be done before shipping. It will save a lot of time and effort by getting it right the first time.

Another benefit of buying bulk wine is the fact that competitive prizes are offered and buyers as well as sellers benefit from these. In many instances, long term contacts are signed ensuring the flow of business from the farmer/producer to the various markets. This enables the two ends of the market to develop a relationship of trust and getting to know what to expect from one another. The establishment of a personal relationship in this regard goes a long way to make dealings easier. It is in the best interest of the exporter to be flexible with regards to his client’s needs and to make adjustments as requested and required.

There are certain logistics involved in moving large quantities of wine, and the leaders in the field get to know what they are. Shipments to the global market are made in large steel tanks or flexi-tanks. Selling in bulk means that you shorten the storage time; it reduces marketing costs and saves on transport and packaging. It also improves the producer’s cash-flow, means better margins and the producer can keep his hand on the pulse of market changes and he can adjust to market trends as they change.

There are a number of reasons why buying in bulk makes sense. Firstly there is the cost factor and saving on transport costs reflects positively on the balance sheet. It enables you to control design and packing costs and marketing costs goes to your own brands and not somewhere else. It is the basis for one of the most important facets of our modern society and that is that it can create jobs for the people in your area and in this way it empowers your community.

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